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Vinyl Denmark STreet/Daisy Lane out now

With the help of my crowdfunders from pledge music I released both my EPs on one Vinyl.
Cheerio to the good sound !!
And to all of you who hail it as much as I do. <3 <3 <3 
You can order your copy in the store section. 



With her heart beating for London, her hands in the Berlin air and her feet in the

Hamburg harbour, Friede Merz combines what to her is the essence of those

three cities in her songs: the elegant directness of the english language,

Berlin’s stylistic openness and Hamburg’s sense for individual freedom within

a strong and diverse community.

The result is an alchemy of paradoxes with a lotta love for the detail…and all


the dirt and naughtiness that come with it.




The nooks and crannies of pop and folk, filled with prog and post-who-knows,


using tools and hooks from jazz and class: that’s what Friede’s debut sounds like.

She recorded it at the holy halls of Nalepastudios Berlin and did the post-

production in London. 

Inspired by one of her favorite places in London, „Denmark Street“ will be 

released in early 2018.


„Friede Merz masters the rare art of convincingly being in two and more places

at the same time: the singer, songwriter and guitarist is recognizable in every

context. She’s a gentle extremist and it is her gentleness that makes her extremism

accessible and painfully palpable.“

– Wolf Kampmann –

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