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berlin 2020 out december 18th

my dear allies,


my new single „Berlin 2020“ is out!

during the first lockdown in March I wrote this song for the querfeminist clubscene of Berlin.

you can find the tune on your favorite music distribiution platform.
but if you want to support me best during this difficult time for artists: download the song from bandcamp.

bandcamp pays artists best for every download.

thank you for your faith.

I hope to be playing live again for you all soon!!!
Until then: I love you, I miss you <3 


„Friede Merz masters the rare art of convincingly being in two and more places

at the same time: the singer, songwriter and guitarist is recognizable in every

context. She’s a gentle extremist and it is her gentleness that makes her extremism

accessible and painfully palpable.“

– Wolf Kampmann –

„Her voice is like an onomatopoetic instrument.“

– Jazzhalo –

„I love the production too, all atmospheric and deep and the layered vocals are used to striking effect. All in all this is a very accomplished debut from an obviously talented artist.“

– super world indie tunes – 

„Friede Merz is one of the most promising singers in Germany right now.“

– Pure M Zine –

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