What can the scene do?

I think I made it clear that "my problem" is not an individual one, but a structural one. The work to change the system can and must no longer be carried out exclusively on the backs of those affected. We are all asked to make our contribution and not to tolerate abuse in our ranks any longer.

You can and must start where you are, with what you have.
You have to believe those who are affected.
You have to check your privileges and values, formulate them and stand up for them. Create an awareness concept for your space, train your staff, and make yourself known as a safer space.
And hold perpetrators accountable.
You have a right to freedom of expression, just like me.
And you have the right to deny access to a person. You don't even have to give reasons.

But for that, you need to be clear about your values. You have to know your rights. And it takes a bit of courage the first time.
The perpetrator of the abuse described here will (have) play(ed) on
26th of July 2023 in one of the most important clubs of the
Berlin jazz scene, Donau115.
The place wants to be a safer space and hosts a queer-feminist open mic once a month. Nevertheless, only one of the total of three owners is willing to take a clear stand against abuse and to bring in the support of an awareness agency for the process. Loyalty to the abuser is greater than willingness to take responsibility. Even greater is my disappointment at the reasoning behind this decision.

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